Just as each patient experiences TMJ differently, we treat and care for every patient according to their individual needs and symptoms. Dr. Farnad always offers nonsurgical treatments and minimally invasive procedures to patients and only suggests surgical treatment once other methods have been exhausted and the patient is still experiencing tremendous pain.


TMJ treatments cannot always cure the problem but they can tremendously relieve painful symptoms and provide the patient with TMJ pain remission. Dr. Farnad creates a treatment plan specifically designed to relieve pain and increase function and jaw mobility. The doctor works with the patient to form a plan of action that will prevent future pain flair ups.


Nonsurgical Treatments:


  • Mouth guard or bite splint

  • Physical therapy

  • Anti-inflammatory medications

  • Developing relaxation skills

  • Botox




Treating TMJ

Treating TMJ Beverly Hills

Some patients are able to reduce their painful TMJ symptoms with one or more of these nonsurgical treatments. Other patients find greater relief from surgical procedures. Dr. Farnad is one of the only doctors in Beverly Hills that offers patients comprehensive TMJ care. His state-of-the-art facility includes:  a hospital quality operatory, CT scan machine, and arthoscope, allowing him to give each patient the highest caliber of care.


Dr. Farnad offers minimally invasive surgical procedures which provide patients with tremendous relief in TMJ pain. 

Minimally Invasive Treatments:Arthocentesis

  • Arthocentesis

  • Arthoscopic Surgery


Arthocentesis is essentially a washing of the joints. The doctor is able to flush out debris and loosen tension around the joint reducing pain and increasing jaw mobility. Patients often choose to do this in conjunction with arthoscopic surgery wherein the doctor utilizes specialized equipment to remove scar tissue. These two minimally invasive procedures typically reduce pain and can eliminate future flair ups of TMJ.

Surgical Procedures:


As a reconstructive jaw surgeon and specialist, Dr. Farnad is able to provide patients experiencing severe symptoms a surgical solution to their TMJ. These procedures are often recommended when the patient has problems with the location of their disc, which can be visible in an MRI prescribed by the doctor.


Dr. Farnad has vast experience working with patients who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, and/or failed jaw joint surgeries and is able to offer total jaw joint replacement surgery. However, Dr. Farnad has a conservative approach to surgical treatment and will exhaust all other treatments before recommending surgery.  


His goal is to reduce pain, increase jaw mobility, and help patients achieve a higher quality of life and healthfulness. Dr. Farnad understands the frustration and pain of TMJ and knows how to create a plan of action to reduce symptoms, prevent flair ups, and increase jaw mobility.