Living with Sleep Apnea

Living with Sleep Apnea los angeles

Patients can often feel overwhelmed by being diagnosed with sleep apnea. However, proper diagnosis and treatment can have a tremendous positive affect on their mood, energy, happiness, and overall health.
Many individuals that are overweight suffer from sleep apnea. Losing weight will reduce sleep apnea symptoms, allowing for increased airflow. In addition, treating sleep apnea with an oral device, CPAP, or corrective surgery will help patients metabolize their food better making weight loss a lot easier. A lot of patients feel that losing weight is impossible. Often times, sleep apnea decreases their metabolism making it hard to reach their goals, which is why proper treatment is very important for these individuals.
Making better lifestyle choices, such as limiting alcohol, sleeping pills, and quitting smoking will help patients with sleep apnea. All of these habits can make sleep apnea worse and limit the amount of oxygen the patient receives while sleeping.
Once you have started a treatment plan with Dr. Farnad it is very important to be consistent. Whether a patient is using an oral device or CPAP, it must be used continuously to decrease symptoms. Many patients find it helpful to use a cervical pillow to maintain a better sleeping position.