Diagnosing TMJ Los angeles

Diagnosing TMJ

Knowing that TMJ can manifest in numerous different symptoms it is important to know that there are specific ways to diagnose and treat TMJ and jaw pain. Our office provides a specific and thorough examination for all of our TMJ patients.


During your first visit, Dr. Farnad will review the following:

  • Your full medical history

  • Your current symptoms and pain

  • Your sleep habits and energy levels throughout the day

  • A complete dental examination to determine the quality of your bite and jaw alignment.

  • An examination of the jaw joint and muscle for tenderness

  • Check the ears and head for sensitivity and/or pain

  • Examine jaw mobility and movement side-to-side

  • Monitor, feel, and listen to jaw movement

  • X-rays, CT scan, or MRI of the jaw


Dr. Farnad is a TMJ specialist with expertise in mandibular movement and facial pain. It is very important to have a thorough evaluation of your current symptoms, to create an individualized treatment plan to effectively manage your TMJ.